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And absolutely nothing is more FRUSTRATING than waiting..waiting... You're paying for these high monthly cell phone bills. Because without reliable 3G & 4G LTE (and soon to be 5G) signals, your cell phone is basically a glorified calculator that takes photos.

for something to send or load but the progress bar sticks at 99% then just fails. However, there are a few easy tips and tricks you can use to help boost your cell phone strength.

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In the past, Verizon customers had to route their Wi Fi calls on Apple devices through their i Phone's network.

Apple's latest i OS update (10.3 and slight tweak 10.3.1) means that Verizoners can now make and receive calls on an assortment of Apple devices--i Macs, Mac minis, Mac Books, i Pads, i Pod touches, Apple watches--without being tethered to their i Phones.

One way to improve your reception is to move somewhere with fewer obstacles between you and the cell tower.

Even if you don't know the direction to the nearest Verizon cell tower, three simple actions can improve your Verizon signal when you're on a phone call.

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The more you move around while you talk on the phone, the harder the phone has to work and the spottier your reception may be. If your reception doesn't improve, move on to the next step.

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