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While I don't wear a ton of face or eye makeup, I LOVE lipstick, especially matte lipstick.

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So, when Kylie Jenner started teasing her matte lipstick collection months ago, I couldn't wait to snag a Lip Kit for myself, and I was lucky enough to get the Candy K shade before the collection sold out, along with its matching lipliner.

The second I took it out of the package, the smell hit me.

Zoosk and others of the same type of service provide tools to their members that make it all easier, which makes you less vulnerable because they have "daily matches" and "carousel" sent to your email and then you view different potential matches and mark "yes" or "no" as to if you want to meet that person. So when two people say "yes" to one another, you get an email from Zoosk that you both have some interest in each other.

That breaks the ice and makes it easier to contact each other because you already know there is some interest. They charge more than double what most dating services charge and they don't disclose how it operates.

If anything, it's on the more moisturizing side of things, which is really nice.

To do a real test, you have to wear it all day long. I ate a sandwich and drank a ton of water and it stayed on for the most part.The lipstick smells like a cross between butterscotch and icing — maybe butterscotch icing? The dark-nude shade has an edgy '90s vibe that I liked a lot.It's very, very strong, but if you like super-sweet smells, you'll probably like it. On top came the creamy lipstick, which dried matte right away.I signed up for a week ago, right after I read your review.Setting aside the hi-res video chat, the hosts are very friendly and chat to you even if you're a guest. After trying numerous memberships on other adult webcam sites, Jasmin is the winner as far as Im' concerned and will receive my full attention from now on.I email him, did he really send me the smiley face and "HI" as I was suspicious that E-harmony sent it.

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