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I spent so many unhappy, unattached years chasing this idea of who I was “supposed” to be.Trying to fit in only left me feeling rejected, unwanted, and alone.Started with online dating, I became successful with women but still felt limited. The social anxiety was too much for me to overcome so I continued to watch women walk by and say nothing.

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Find out from a relationship coach what works and what hurts your chances. Save money and time in your quest to find the love of your life - sign up today!

sign up now Includes 8 Hours of Audio You will definitely have countless "Aha!

Most dating coaches lie about the results you can get from training.

They recommend quick fixes that make them the most money but don’t get men permanent results. I never intended to help men get into relationships.

This training expands way beyond a mere "how to date Slavic women" instruction manual.

Based on your own distinctive characteristics and individual life path, you will be able to identify the best ways of dealing with your personal situations, in addition to acquiring confidential insights into specifics of dating Ukrainian women, both online and in real life.

I still wanted to get better and decided teaching was the best way to do that.

Teaching guys how to get dates in Vancouver made a big difference.

Occasionally, a dating coach has no official training at all and is simply good at working with and advising people.

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