Polynesian dating

The following genetic information gives us a fairly clear picture of the genetic connections in the Pacific region, which shows that Polynesians left S. Asia 11,500 years ago and departed from the Taiwan area 6000 years ago.They spent 3,800years in Alaska/Canada before travelling South West to Hawai'i 2,200 years ago (genetics and family genealogies confirm this figure) and eventually south to Tahiti about 1,400 years ago and then on to New Zealand about 1,000 years ago (The last two figures are yet to be verified from Tahitian and Maori genealogies).

Geneticists have found that Polynesians do share a common male ancestor (Y chromozome) 11,500 years ago, with the short, dark frizzy haired New Guinea highlanders - genes from the ancient pygmy tribes that once populated the planet over 100,000 years ago.

Significant populations of these people can still be found amongst the Andaman islanders and the Negritos of the Phillippines.

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This page is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the origins of the Polynesians.

Those of you gifted with logical thinking and possess an open mind will be able to follow this intriguing detective story.

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