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The scam starts by redirecting users to a fake Microsoft website which suggests there's a virus on their PC and prompts them to phone an emergency hotline.

The message is used to try and convince users that their computer has been blocked as a reaction to the virus and spyware found on the device.

In the address bar, it will read the official Microsoft address, complete with the green HTTPS indicator to give a false sense of security.

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Even if you don’t call the number, but click on “OK”, they will see almost the same message pop up again.

Repeat the click on the “OK” button and it takes you to another feigned Microsoft website that looks even more realistic.

When people are looking for a way to keep track of personal finances, Intuit’s Quicken and Quickbooks applications are generally the go-to software.

Whether you’re keeping track of your own finances, those of your home business or even finances for a local small business, Intuit’s products are a great choice.

If Quick Books Online doesn't connect to your bank yet (or if you need more than 90 days of transactions), you may be able to bring bank transactions into Quick Books Online if your bank supports certain types of file downloads (QFX, QBO, CSV, and OFX).

You can then upload the file into Quick Books Online.

To resolve the error, try the following registry hack: LK is a technology writer for Tech Journey with background of system and network administrator.

He has be documenting his experiences in digital and technology world for over 15 years.

Quick Books Online connects to thousands of financial institutions so you can automatically download bank transactions.

When you first connect your account Quick Books downloads the last 90 days of transactions.

Follow along below and we’ll show you some alternatives that’ll make managing your finances so much easier (and cheaper)!

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