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Those affected find themselves trapped in an almost impossible situation: their compulsions are caused by medication, but they can’t stop taking it because it would leave them unable to function physically.

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Sexual acting out may also begin as a form of stress management or a way to cope with emotional pain, but because tolerance grows with sex addiction, as it does with any other addiction, the behavior will generally increase in order to obtain the same level of satisfaction.

Research suggests that the "high" obtained from the release of chemicals produced during sex, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, is the same as that obtained from the use of drugs or alcohol and that this can lead to addictive behavior, especially when a propensity to addiction exists.

There was a corner store at the end of the street and a few blocks away there was a big gas station that had one of the built in stores and liquor stores and they had a Pizza-pizza place across the street from them.

But everything like the banks and the malls well they were as far away as work was.

But the rent was reasonable, actually it was pretty good for the city.

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