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We arrive at the hotel room and he unlocks it, giving me a sly smile. I'm about to have sex with this man and never thought to ask his name.We step inside and I take a tender seat on the couch while he locks the door.Before I knew it my stomach quivered and my pussy contracted in a gushing orgasm. When I opened them, Austin was smiling and did a silent little golf clap. Felt naughty and more intense to do that in front of me, didn"t it? Added: 18-Oct-2016 What happens when the scent of a father mingles with the smell of a son?

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When he slid his hand on up, I let him slip a finger between my soft lips and in my pussy.

He started slow but was soon plunging his finger in and out of me.

;) Added: 19-Feb-2017 One weekend Claude invited me over. I was a little nervous because I"d never been touched by a grown man before...

I was surprised when I got there to find I was the only one there. Added: 04-Jan-2017 Well, I was at Lewiss house yesterday and he led me blindfolded into his bedroom.

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Why else would I enjoy shaving my body and fantasizing about getting fucked? We agree that he'll pick me up that Saturday under the guise of a sleepover or something to trick my parents.

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