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I spoke with O’Connor about sex life (and other topics). Joanna Demkiewicz: Growing up, I learned about sex (outside of the required school workshops about periods and, basically, abstinence) from my mom’s (no joke). Is there a memory or something that sticks with you that you still bring up at parties, on dates or in your work?Maureen O’Connor: What did you learn about sex from the ?!

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I've been with my boyfriend for two and a half years. Being around him makes me want to scream and hit things. I don't know why I have suddenly started feeling like this, but I have. You have to stop believing he will follow through or your life is going to be ruined and you will slowly die. And start becoming annoyed that someone would be so needy to keep you locked in just because he is sad and needs you.

I want to break up with him, but I dont want to hurt him. Will come a time he doesn't need you and will dump you.

No matter the topic, O’Connor knows how to engage with the complex.

Before ’s Sex Lives podcast, where she, Allison Davis and David Wallace-Wells discuss lesbian sex on TV, sex research studies, how relationships change birth control strategies, and more.

Jessi Streib, an assistant professor of sociology at Duke, about how married couples from different class backgrounds deal with having very different beliefs about money — not to mention differing when it comes to the countless other habits and social mores intimately connected to the social classes they were born into.

(The Cut recently asked couples to delve into some of these differences.)" data-reactid="20"A lot has been written about how married couples deal with questions of money.’: 15 Couples on Not Having Sex" data-reactid="21"Related: ‘Are We Broken?’: 15 Couples on Not Having Sex The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages, released earlier this month by Oxford University Press, Streib drew on extensive interviews with 42 married heterosexual couples, 32 of whom were born into different social classes, to learn more about how class mores affect marriages — and vice versa.I’m imagining “6 Wild Ways to Blow His Mind — with Poems About Falling Water and Light.” Before I started having sex, my information was cobbled together the same way yours was — women’s magazines, R-rated movies, lewd jokes, junior high gossip, etc.Once I started having sex, it was some combination of personal experience and nosiness.Everywhere you look there’s either a television commercial or new bestseller for women on how to find the perfect guy.

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