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S., 2L The first few weeks of 1L year are extremely harried.There are a slew of welcome events, happy hours, chances to hang out with your small group, attempts to learn how to read cases, and extracurricular activities, not to mention trying to remember everyone’s names! I know for me, I felt I was the only one who didn’t have my life together.

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LEVITAN "I think it was when I saw Carl* in the library, way back freshman year," Liz Hazen, TC '00, says, remembering her first encounter with longtime squeeze Carl Francis, TC '00. But there was something in his eyes, in his gesture as he pointed me in the right direction..." With the approach of Valentine's Day, we can do no better than attempt to unravel that most ineffable of mysteries—love at Yale. Not only have they dated steadily for over two years, but they recently decided to seal the deal.

"I didn't know who he was, but I was looking for the Xerox machine and he looked nice, so I asked him where it was. "Carl proposed to me on the stroke of midnight this New Year's Eve," Hazen gushes. " For most of us, the story of this couple inspires admiration and a bit of envy.

Quoting Tolstoy, he adds, "Nothing is so important for a young man as the company of clever women." Not only does Yale bring together clever people, but it does so in the traditionally amorous setting of the university. Busy and lonely So why isn't true love knocking down our doors seven nights a week?

It has a lot to do with Yalies' overwhelming seriousness.

At her beautiful home, Yale Law Women had prepared a catered dinner for us. Conversation flowed easily and it was the first time I remembered talking about something other than law school since arriving!

After everyone had eaten, we all gathered in the living room.

Here’s my take on why Wake boys are such difficult sells.

For starters, a single freshman guy’s first year of college is his playground for debauchery and bad decision-making.

A happy Yale couple, after all, is about as anomolous as a pair of virgins at Florida State.

After over 30 years of coeducation, Yale boys and Yale girls still can't really communicate. After all, "Yale is potentially a great place for gagging/mad-for-it blokes," London import Andrew Chan, SY '01, notes. "The structure of any university facilitates social interaction to a degree that will never be reproduced in our lives after we graduate." By all rights, we should have a hotter singles scene than spring break in Cancun.

Whatever happened to Friday night being known as date night?

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