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Only the relevant certificates obtained from the above mentioned 13 Colleges can currently be used to register a Traffic Officer in terms of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA).

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It is fine for children to learn that information about their adoption is theirs to share over time.

Adopting an older child can have challenges as well.

My wife Michelle and I, although employed by different organizations, both fell under that system.

At the end of the year, instead of being carried over, unused holiday was lost, except that both her firm and mine allowed two weeks leeway.

We both had five days to cash in and fortuitously our days away from work coincided with an unseasonable mini heat wave.

The first three days we spent in the garden getting it ready for summer proper but for the fourth day I made a suggestion.That footage rather haunted me, causing me to wonder how many people through time, if granted premonition of what lay ahead, would have altered their planned course of action.In the UK the financial year starts at the beginning of April and for many people their holiday entitlement starts and finishes on that day. If your child feels that you are not telling the whole story, he may look for answers somewhere else, like from a relative or friend who may not know or may not share accurate information. It should not be discouraged or seen as a threat to you. When your child is ready to know more, he will ask. You do not have to tell everyone your child is adopted.Show your child that you are willing to talk about the adoption. Avoid responding with your own worries like "Why do you want to know? Also be sure to only answer the questions the child has asked, not what you think he should know. However, if a question comes up about differences in appearance or ethnicity, offer a simple but honest explanation.In 2011 the first 244 Traffic Officers were trained in a one year full qualification which is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

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