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I had such a distorted body image, partially formed by an all-girls’ school obsessed with making us look like "little ladies," that I couldn’t even recognize myself in photographs.

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We apply our own set of personal and professional assessment methods in order to select only those team members, who really complement to project's needs.

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The first time I fell in love with a woman, I was 16, and everything about her seemed perfect: her curly red hair, her freckles, the way she moved from one yoga position to the next so effortlessly she seemed bored. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure I over-romanticized that first encounter, as one does as a teenager in search of self.

We were at an outdoor yoga class at my local park, and everything seemed to shine brilliantly with magic: the pink lemonade that I sipped at the entrance; the soft, dewy grass between my toes; and the smile of the girl who set up her mat beside me.

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