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In an interesting twist, the CME’s Fed Watch Tool is now showing a chance — albeit slight — for a 25 bps rate CUT!

Live updating djia

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This increased supply was primarily responsible for a declining rhodium price during the 1990s.

Interruptions to Russian supply since early 1997 have helped the rhodium price to recover strongly.

Core CPI also rose 0.1% on expectations of 0.2%, versus a 0.1% rise in June.

That left core consumer inflation unchanged at 1.7% y/y.

South Africa is the major source, accounting for almost 60% of the world's rhodium supply Russia is the second largest producer, although its sales are, as with the other PGMs, volatile and subject to political intervention.

High rhodium prices during the late 1980s led to increased rhodium production from South Africa.

As expected, Fed rate hike expectations eroded further.

September remains off the table, but the probability of a December hike tumbled to 35.9%.

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