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They often date it to the 11th or even 12th century B. E., hundreds of years earlier than the rest of the book of Judges.

But is there any evidence that Deborah’s song is really that old? Declaration of Independence or Constitution, and you will see how different American English was just two centuries ago.

During the reign of *Jehoram son of Ahab, Jehu served as commander of the garrison posted at Ramoth-Gilead, in North Transjordan.

Jehu's way to the throne was paved with bloodshed, in the course of which the entire house of *Omri was exterminated.

He killed Jehoram, king of Israel, at Jezreel, and he also put to death King *Ahaziah of Judah and his brothers (see also Kings ).

Vessels, or Meatsuits, are humans who serve as the physical body or embodiment of spiritual, non-physical beings.

At least some of these beings can be forcefully driven out through an exorcism while others can be driven out by the vessel.

Angels' true forms can fry humans to rotting corpses and their voices, outside vessels, can render humans deaf.

Although, the Angel's true vessels can withstand their respective Angel's form and voices.

Avraham Oz, Dan Almagor, Dan Miron, Shimon Sandbank, and Dori Parnes.

Shakespeare was also translated into other Jewish languages in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, chiefly Yiddish but additionally Judeo-Spanish and occasionally other languages such as Judeo-Persian.

Shakespeare has occupied a similarly prominent position on the Jewish stage: his plays have been a key feature of the Hebrew theatre from its beginnings in the early twentieth century until the present day, and have likewise been a staple element of the Yiddish stage in North America (as examined in Joel Berkowitz’ important 2002 monograph (‘The Jewish Queen Lear’), which was the basis for the popular 1939 film of the same name.

Jewish Shakespeare criticism spans more than two centuries, beginning with early nineteenth-century Jewish Enlightenment writings and extending to recent Israeli scholarly work, the latter reflected in Avraham Oz’s landmark 1998 edited volume aims to celebrate this rich legacy by addressing the historical perspectives and current key narratives surrounding it.

Angels have multiple people that can be vessels for them, but only one person is their "true" vessel.

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