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Over the course of the last two years, Zhao's turned down every man who's got their eye on her, that is, until recently when the head of a Chinese pro gaming team showed up.

Twenty-four year-old Zhao Jie, has been a mainstay on the Chinese dating show "1 out of 100" (百里挑一) for the last two years.

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On July 29th, Xiao8 announced his break from professional play on his Weibo.

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For pretty much every episode over the last 100 plus weeks, she's declined to the advances of male contestants. All of that changed when 23 year-old professional gamer, Zhang Ning, showed up.

Zhang Ning, who goes by the handle "Xiao8" is the capitan of professional Defence against the Ancients (Do TA) team LGD Gaming.

" xiao8 and yao could be actors also, nice video[/QUOTE] ye so different to usual commercials that go like: "buy this car: u will be the coolest and have all girls!

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