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And these women would become the dreaded cliché and hide out at home, with their three cats, watching Lifetime movies and drowning their sorrows in ice cream and wine. The single women I know are embracing their singledom. Where, on some, there is a maximum number of characters (not words, characters, mind you) and it’s like, 300. My theory is, is that plenty of guys have gotten their hearts broken over the years, and society told them to keep that to themselves, to not be emotional and to deal with it in other ways. These days, society is telling these guys to be emotional, feel your feelings, let it all out, be sensitive… How many long-term ones I had had, how many short-term ones, how much dating I did, etc., etc….

Why waste characters explaining what type of girl you don’t want instead of explaining what type you do?

Why waste your time saying who you’re not, when you could be promoting yourself, instead?

For instance, if you laugh in the same that her ex did, then she may label you as a cheater – just like her ex, and you will have to constantly fight against the label when you shouldn’t have to fight at all.

Also, if she is bitter then she is still focused on her ex.

A woman who is bitter about her ex is a woman who has not dealt with the issues from her past relationship.

In other words, she has a lot of baggage that she will be bringing into your relationship, and that is going to suck big time!

Part 2 is pretty much the same plot, but this villainous white girl seems to carry a lot more vitriol.

She took to her podcast, co-hosted by Hot 97’s Laura Stylez, to BLAST Che for being a “rude a$$hole” who talked to her like a “stupid b! Che sent the screenshots of their convo to the Page Six and it’s very clear that Leah has a very distorted view of reality and is completely lacking in self-awareness. It’s def a disease that’s going around, it’s not just her.

We want to close our hearts and protect them from feeling any more pain. The kind of men who can’t fully commit, who hurt you, who lie to you, and who end up disappointing you. That you are not going to close your heart anymore, because you know it won’t attract what you want. Yes, you are going to have to dive deep into the pain that’s in your heart and feel it fully so you can be free of it.

Stop lying to yourself and pretending that you’re OK being single. You want to find love AND not have your heart broken.

We were having a discussion/debate about dating and exclusivity versus non-exclusivity, and my view on the subject would probably not be classified as the “typical” female view.

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