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Prince Andrew has visited nine countries in the past 12 months, travelling nearly 100,000 miles, even though his role is focused on British entrepreneurs, education, science and technology.

Since June last year he has made two trips to China and visited Malaysia, Mozambique, Botswana, Mexico, Turkey, the US, France and Singapore.

He is due to clock up thousands more Air Miles in September when he visits Australia to launch his Pitch initiative, relating to the tech industry.

There has even been talk of them remarrying – a suggestion sources close to the couple deny – but friends of the Duchess have said she knows there will be no chance of a full return to the royal fold, certainly while Philip is alive.

The Queen has done her best to maintain cordial relations with her ex-daughter-in-law, inviting her to Balmoral for summer breaks and allowing her to use Windsor Castle for a party for her charity last year.

The Duke of Edinburgh appeared aghast after seeing Fergie standing beside her ex-husband Prince Andrew and curtseying deeply to the Queen after emerging from a restaurant in the Royal Enclosure.

Philip, 94, and the Queen, 89, were just arriving at the Berkshire racecourse and about to go underneath the main stand in the royal carriage procession when they spotted Andrew bowing solemly and Fergie curtseying among the crowd.

The Court Circular states his May trip to California included a two-day conference at the £400-a night Beverly Wilshere hotel in Beverly Hills, which was featured in the 1990 hit film Pretty Woman.

The Duke resigned his role as Britain’s special representative for international trade and investment in 2011 amid criticism of his friendship with US tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for sex offences.She and Andrew get on well, describing themselves as “the happiest divorced couple in the world”.They see each other most days if they are in Britain together and go on regular holidays with their daughters.Nearly seven years ago, his daughters were cut off from the royal fold and he has been pushing to bring them back.The shocked queen had deferred the missive to the heir apparent, Prince Charles, who shot down any sort of idea of adding his two nieces back onto the royal payroll.He tracked possible sugar daddies with care and would say with a pout that he didn’t know whether to fly to New York or Paris for dinner.

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