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It sounds like a friendly invitation and naïve strangers who wander the Ayeyarwady River bank on Mandalay’s western fringe could easily be taken in by it.They will quickly find, however, that this is not an innocent invitation but rather the line of choice for the city’s street prostitutes, many of whom ply their trade along the river.

Angel Lay said that there are four main types – those who work in massage parlours, KTV lounges, stage shows or on the streets – and they earn from K5000 to K15,000 a day.

Sometimes, however, after paying off pimps or handlers they are left with barely K500. Some barely make enough to buy food and so they have to keep ‘farming their paddy plots’,” Angel Lay said, using the slang term for selling their bodies.

Even though not officially allowed to open beyond midnight, you can still find bustling night bazaar and roadside food stalls in China town.

You can have nice and delicious Chinese food at a cheap price there and observe the local way of life in Chian town. Ask taxi driver to bring you to Latha Road, get off there and walk in the streets full of stalls and people.

There is nothing to hide anyway its pretty Yangon entertainment. The place is right at the Kandawgyi Lake adjacent to the new Shangri-La Hotel, in construction.

Singapore - shwe Town is a housing site for Shwe Myanmar around the world where you can find rooms, roommates, houses, shops, movers and other services. You can also find household services such as painti...

Looking at this problem seems to be that most people in the fashion, media and movie business are homosexuals and transvestites in Thailand called ladyboys and they have a different taste like normal consumers they are strange anyway. The question is now, where do you find them and get the thing going.

The answer is, have a look in the nightclubs, bars and discos there you will find dozens of pretty ones as here at the Zero Zone Restaurant at Chinatown and other places, they are real "eye candy".

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