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Amory Jane will talk about the differences between swinging, orgies, and threeways (and their unique benefits and considerations), give pointers on how to pick play partners wisely, and will cover important group sex etiquette. In this 201 rope class Stella will show you how to put those ties together to create positions such as the hogtie and shrimp tie, and other positions that can be used for kink and sex.

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Soft swapping involves flirting, kissing, touching, and oral sex at the most, but absolutely no sexual intercourse.

Soft swapping is considered to be the “gateway drug” to serious swinging.

Please bring rope if you have it, but some practice rope will be available.

Also, please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket because we'll be on the floor for this class.

I want to reiterate some of the points that I feel are most relevant based on my experiences over the past two decades.

IT’S OK TO SAY NO How many of you are guilty of trying to giggle your way out of an uncomfortable situation just to be polite?

Here are some of my favourite ways to say no: IT’S OK TO HEAR NO When you hear no, you may feel hurt, rejected and generally bad. Because our culture has taught us that “no” is a bad word when in reality, “no” is just somebody’s way of expressing their own personal boundaries.

Usually, the no you are hearing has very little to do with you and everything to do with the person saying it.

We'll demo these positions and techniques and give you time to practice them yourself.

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