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Over the weekend, I discovered perhaps the strangest new addition to the Christian dating cadre: Reformed The site is designed exclusively for Christians who adhere to the Calvinist tradition, a theological system that focuses on human depravity, God’s sovereignty, and the idea that God has already chosen the select few who will be saved.We are talking about a peculiar kind of relationship that is beyond mere friendship. If dating includes giving one's heart away or any sort of exclusive relationship-claim whereby obligations are imposed upon another person without an eye toward marriage, then not only may Christians not date non-Christians - they may not date Christians either!

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He was reacting against the casual, recreational, aimless dating that had come to dominate the American landscape. But, as we are so prone to do, we took good principles and distorted them and distilled them into a series of unhelpful / legalistic practices.

He was trying to help young men and women stop hurting each other through the endless hooking up, breaking up, hooking up, breaking up, etc. Dating / courting has turned into an elaborate set of unwritten rules which must be followed to the letter, no matter what the circumstances. But the reality is, you can’t slap these practices on top of every relationship and expect the relationship to go well.

Not necessarily, but it is wise for him to think through his financial status. Is it just me, or has the whole Christian dating / courting / dorting thing become really, really complicated?

When Josh Harris wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye, he had good intentions.

In such exclusive dating-relationships the woman's conscience becomes un-biblically bound by the boyfriend whereby she loses certain privileges of singleness, such as spending time with other men who might be good candidates for marriage.

Nobody except a parent or spouse is to hold such a position over someone else.

There are four ways someone entering a dating relationship can do this. Paul encouraged Timothy to treat Christian women as sisters, above all else (1 Timothy 5:1–2).

Whether you use the word “date,” “courtship,” or any other term to express the exclusivity associated with interacting with a person of the opposite sex, Scripture is clear that we are to conduct ourselves in a way that honors both Christ and the other person.

"I love you" translates to "I love me and I want you (at least for now)." Those words of commitment must be followed by proposal of marriage. The right type of dating includes considering another person with prayerful purpose to be one's spouse; it includes no exclusivity outside an eye toward marriage; it includes wanting to bless the other person, considering them more important than yourself; it includes no obligations of submission to an unauthorized head; it includes not saying anything misleading to the other person in order to "win" her heart for personal, egotistical or any sort of selfish gain; it includes not implying anything without words that you wouldn't explicitly say with words; These principles apply whether parents are involved in the dating process or not.

They are principles that are within the grasp of any Christian who is serious about dating to the glory of God and, therefore, blessing a potential spouse.

You don’t have to go through a painful, anguish-filled breakup if you temper expectations early in the dating process. But who is echoing the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians?

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