Government mandating digital tv

In the meantime, a little information might be helpful.

The expiring analog channels in most cases allow for up to 21 channels, including all the major networks.

But knowing that a change is coming and knowing what to do about it are different things.

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That’s correct, any television manufactured after 1995 already has a built in feature to send a broadcast signal from your living room of live images of what’s happening in your home. Its really not as far fetched as you may think, experts say that anything that is built for one particular purpose, can in deed be reconfigured to perform the exact opposite.

For instance, a car is built to drive forward but it can also go backwards, a blowing machine used to blow leaves can actually be reconfigure to do a sucking function.

The federal government and broadcasters are spending millions of dollars to tell people that broadcast TV is changing, and by all accounts the message is getting through.

A study released in July found that 90 percent of households were aware of the transition.

"In reality, the digital TV transition isn't all that complicated.

For most people, it is a nonissue, and for everyone else, adjusting to the switch will require minimal effort and expense. 17 deadline is not the date when broadcasters will start transmitting DTV.The age of deception is here and thanks to digital technology is now even easier to fool people in mass numbers.Seeing & hearing is no longer worth believing when it comes to digital technology.Before you start panicking that you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows come February sweeps time, don’t fret.Condos and co-ops throughout New York and New Jersey have already begun preparing for the changeover, and every building should have all the equipment necessary to broadcast digitally by the time February 17th rolls around.On these new channels, they promised Congress they'd develop dazzling new HDTV programs.

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