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Related: Obama Had Quite A Response Also We're guessing Leo won't be invited to any more closed door meetings as he had some understandably harsh words for Trump, accompanying a photo of the White House: He's single, she's single… As you surely know by now, Leonardo Di Caprio split from Nina Agdal only a week ago — so you can only imagine the incredibly eligible bachelor is on the prowl again! Well, it turns out the A-lister was spotted chatting up with Bella Hadid, who stopped by his table at the amf AR Gala in Cannes on Thursday! We're willing to bet Romee's also into the environment.And if you know Leo, you know Bella is exactly his type: a supermodel! And if not, we're sure Leo would LOVE to educate her on climate change.

Leonardo Wilhelm Di Caprio (Los Angeles, 11 novembre 1974) è un attore, produttore cinematografico e attivista statunitense.

Attore versatile, nel corso della sua carriera ha collaborato con importanti registi come James Cameron, Baz Luhrmann, Danny Boyle, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes, Sam Raimi, Woody Allen, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Quentin Tarantino e soprattutto con Martin Scorsese, con cui ha stretto un sodalizio professionale fin dal 2002, considerandolo il suo mentore.

It's rumored the tall drink of water was even set up on a blind date with Leonardo Di Caprio's ex, Toni Garrn, in Montauk this past weekend! Thankfully it wasn't HIS Oscar that he won for — they would have had to fight him momma grizzly-style for that one!

On Thursday, feds filed a new complaint claiming that backing for Red Granite films came from stolen Malaysian funds, and that Leo had been gifted artwork purchased with the embezzled money.

Officials are aiming to seize rights to the Red Granite-produced films , asserting that tens of millions of dollars used to make these movies trace back to foreign corruption! This complaint can be traced back to similar litigation filed last year, which claimed the film (ironic, no?

) was funded with assets from a fund called 1Malaysia Development Berdhard (1MBD) and divided into shell companies.

It has been 17 years, after all, since Ellen De Generes declared, "Yep, I'm Gay," on the cover of -- a landmark moment for gay and lesbian visibility that, America tends to forget, was followed by the cancellation of her ABC sitcom and three years of industry radioactivity.

Yet while many more since have followed suit, it's unprecedented for a celebrity at Page's level -- under 30, Oscar-nominated and still wielding the clout to get projects of a certain budget greenlighted -- to come out of the closet at all, much less make the unequivocal statement, "I'm gay." Robin Roberts, to offer one recent high-profile example, chose to do it by thanking her girlfriend in a Facebook post, while Jodie Foster said, well, just about everything the G-word during a speech at the 2013 Golden Globes that drew complaints for being needlessly opaque. "You have no idea how hard that moment is, even though they're not fully saying what you want them to say," she says, addressing Foster's critics.

Ellen and Emma have not been shy about their relationship on social media accounts over the past few weeks.

They even recorded a cover of Britney Spears‘ “Lucky” together!

Inizia la sua carriera apparendo in diversi spot televisivi nei primi Anni Novanta, per poi ricoprire piccoli ruoli in varie serie tv, come la soap opera Santa Barbara e nella sitcom Genitori in blue jeans.

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