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Hart, for his part, seemed to offer an indirect response Sunday night to Williams’ comments with an Instagram post featuring Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle at the Oscars.

As Hart noted in the post, “it’s about helping one another” and not “trying to tear each other down.” However, that likely was in reference to the controversy Rock faced over hosting duties amid the "#Oscars So White" dialogue.

At the end of March, about a week after the fight surfaced online, Williams was arrested, sent to jail, and then released a day later on 0 bond.

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With no audio in the initial clip, it’s not known what the teen said to provoke the attack, but the hit is swift and vicious to the lad’s face.

But so is his response, where, in another clip, he is seen pinning the comedian with his arms around his neck while other teens watch as one or two attempt to intervene. ’ can he heard from the bystanders, and at the end of the clip Katt tells the teen ‘back up on me little boy’ as he tries to get up.

According to The Daily Beast, the lawsuit says he: ‘Slapped [Jamila Majesty] several times and punched her in the ribs in addition to beating her with the group of women…

As a result of the beating [Majesty] suffered broken ribs, split tendons, scarring to her face, and other extreme physical and emotional damage.’ The prolonged attack lasted three hours according to the Mail Online as Jamila claims Katt and several of his friends were involved.

Me & Dave Chappelle with our brother @chrisrock tonight at the Oscars.

True professionals understand the importance of sticking together & supporting one another...the end of the day we are comedians & there aren't many that make it to level that we have made it. According to TMZ, Williams has been involved in (at least) six different situations since the end of February that have been/are being investigated by police.It started when he allegedly struck a clerk at a pool supply store in Gainesville, GA. A few days later, he was accused of holding a group of five women at gunpoint, and also punching one of them, in Atlanta.Rain will increase around here later Wednesday as winds increase as well. This is a very impressive setup for any time of year… Many of my winter analog years featured some snow around here during the first two weeks of November and that was one of the reasons I have been yapping about an early start to winter.– This low will rapidly strengthen as it works north late Thursday into Friday. – Even colder air will wrap in Thursday night and Friday as the low works to our east and eventually just to our northeast. Rain should mix with and even change to snow across much of the area. – A mix of rain and snow or snow would continue Friday night into early Saturday as a closed low dumbbells into the region. We told you a few weeks back to watch the last week of October into the first week of November for a change to cold that could lead us into an early start to winter. Will you see the first flakes of the season during this time? I will have a full update on the upcoming storm later tonight and will have plenty of updates in the coming days. 30, which is odd enough, until you watch the trailer and find out that Romeo (formerly Lil Romeo) wrote the movie, papa Master P directed, and despite them having many millions of dollars at their disposal, didn't seem to spend more than a few of them on the project.

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