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She was planning to sing Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" until her doctor strongly advised her not to sing at all as it could cause permanent damage to her vocal chords.

She returned to performing the following week singing Coldplay's "Yellow" and ...

She had always dreamt to succeed in her education and thus, when she reached the age of 16, she planned to study hard for her A Levels. She was singing since she was 11 and had take the singing classes and participated in different competitions since her early age. She has never been married and has no any children. There are rumors that she is secretly dating some one and been hiding her truth.

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Although she was a talented person from her very early age she came to be noted by public lately as a contestant of X-Factor in 2008.

She has been participating in various singing competitions from her very early age of 11.

After completing schooling she had planned to study for her A Levels or attend drama school or travel to Thailand .

But later she studied A Levels in Theatre Studies, Classics and Psychology in West home School in Blackburn.

The blonde beauty split from One Night Only ‘s George Craig last month after four years together and is said to have been getting over the break-up by spending time with Olly. Now since they are both single they have been in touch.

There’s an obvious attraction between the pair of them and they’re both young and good-looking,’ a source told The Sun.

There were rumors about her pregnancy as well but is a false one.

Performed in the stage production of "Hatched 'n' Dispatched" as Susan, alongside Wendi Peters, Vicky Binns, Matthew Fraser-Holland, Kevin Mc Gowan, Wendy Morgan, James Wrighton and Danielle Flett, at Park Theatre, London.

She is a British singer-songwriter, an actress, a fashion designer and a model.

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