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If you have a USB compatible cable with a micro-USB plug that fits into your Xbox One controller (and you might have a spare if you have a charging cable for any smartphone that isn't the i Phone 5 or higher).You can simply plug the Xbox One controller into your PC and then proceed to follow the instructions in the video below.Now because of this, a lot of people would love to upgrade from the typical wired or wireless Xbox 360 controllers they've been using with their PCs (which are simply plug-n-play compatible, so anyone with a play-and-charge kit and a wireless receiver can simply plug the controller in and you're good to go), but Microsoft doesn't have any plug-n-play drivers available for the Xbox One controller.

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Another problem is that due to the change in the way the cables work, you'll also need a special micro-USB cable to plug into the controller.

And take special note: it's a micro-USB cable not a mini-USB cable. Anyway, enterprising software design aficionado Lucas Assis – an enthusiast who modified his own version of X360ce, a software wrapper that allows you use any controller for PC games specifically designed for use only with an Xbox 360 controller – has updated his Xbox 360 controller emulator to better support the Xbox One controller.

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Notice: Installation of Grand Theft Auto V requires a 16GB flash drive (with 8GB free space) as stated by the game manufacturer. Step 4 – Choose the “Yes” menu option when prompted to update the console software.Updating the Xbox One Manually Updating the Xbox 360 via Internet Updating the Xbox 360 via USB or CDCommunity Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to download the most recent Xbox system update to your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console.The console update for the Xbox 360 may be copied from the Internet to a FAT 32 formatted USB drive. Step 2 – Download the latest x Box 360 update file from: and unzip the contents of the zip file to the USB stick in the root directory.Step 3 – Plug the USB drive into the Xbox 360 console’s USB port and restart the x Box.Here is the page where I found out how to make it work. If you have a writable CD a thumb drive, use the thumb drive, because it's much easier.

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