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I met a really nice Khmer girl who works as a waitress in a riverside cafe in PP. I dont know if I am being over-paranoid but at times a vice sounded a little too deep which makes me have to question the ladyboy factor in PP? I meant the 'guys' (term used loosely) that are into lady boys. just referring to a few......unless this IS a whole board of Lady boys?

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most of them at night hang around in sisovath quay across tonlep sap river you can find some in the turn fraffic of wat phnom( the wat with the clock tower at the end of norodom boulevard) also some stay in the dark at night in the big park in front the train station (between train station and sisivath quay) becareful this place is not safe at all for rookies; good luck Sara who is a post-op who works in Pattaya (and whose pictures are on this very site when she was pre-op and also some street shots taken near Jenny Star Bar) is a Cambodian girl.

Whilst she isn't in Cambodia anymore, at least it shows that Cambodian ladyboys can be very hot indeed.

I had a lot of fun there but one thing I noticed is that I only saw 1 ladyboy in Jakarta in my entire month there.

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Place to find them there is in a night spot called Martini's.

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