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It allows quick access to the visit actions that were tracked for a specific website during a specific period and lets us avoid a table scan through the whole table.Action types, such as a specific URL or page title, are analyzed as well as visits.A JSON schema defines the profile attributes to be stored for user records and any global validation rules or constraints that should be applied.

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It includes the OGC Web Map Service (WMS) reference implementation, a fully compliant Web Feature Service (WFS) as well as packages for Catalogue Service (CSW), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Processing Service (WPS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS).

Since 2000 deegree has been developed by lat/lon, with the strong intention to make it a community-driven project.

Backends must ensure that inserting new log data is as fast as possible and aggregating log data is not too slow (though obviously, faster is better).

Visits are stored in the index is used when aggregating visits.

Doc Book XSD V5.1CR3 represents an attempt to hand-craft a useful XML Schema for Doc Book V5.1.

This schema remains non-normative, and more permissive than the normative Doc Book schema, but (hopefully) represents a significant improvement over the previous, machine-generated attempt.We recommend that you consult with the Janrain Professional Services team if you are considering taking this approach.Additional entity types may be created with the entity Type.create API.All log data is persisted in a similar way: new data is constantly added to the set at high volume and updates are non-existent, except for visits. So until a visit ends it is possible that Piwik will try and update it.Log data is read when calculating analytics data and old data will sometimes be deleted (via the data purging feature).Doc Book XSD V5.0b2 and Publishers XSD V1.0b2 represent an attempt to hand-craft useful XML Schemas for Doc Book V5.0 and Publishers V1.0.

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