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"[It] was inspired by a penis I saw on Tumblr, which was hands down the most incredible penis I've ever seen," she says.Yingling prefers "the tall, dark, handsome one" with hair sprouting on either side.Although many stickers generate a laugh, they never get used again.

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New Zealand native Madeleine Holden is a lawyer by trade but is now a professional d–k pic reviewer too. Holden started her site Critique My D–k Pic in 2013 after receiving a particularly uninspired textual offering.

“I was struck by how unnecessarily rare it was to receive a good, consensually shared d–k pic and I realized men needed some help with getting their d–k pics to that level.” She now receives hundreds of submissions a day and charges anywhere from $12 to $33 to offer her musings and review of each shot.

Mainly I look for guys touching themselves — that seems to turn me on the most.” While Katherine herself is a self-professed “loiterer” (“I don’t leave comments,” she tells me), there are plenty of women who love commenting on the pics.

The comments are universally flattering and encouraging, ranging from compliments (“Your d–k is lovely”) to the overtly sexual.

Or when you’ve retrieved that lost ATM card from the bank. Kittens with big eyes Occasion: When you want someone to bring you some dumplings, or when a colleague has gone out for lunch and you want them to bring you back some bubble tea. My choices are limited to cartoons fed to me by the We Chat app. PS: thanks, I read this post with my 7-year-old who loves We Chat stickers (100% of which are family friendly). I can assure you they are all stickers, and we found the gif versions for the blog.

Or if you have to apologize for missing somebody’s birthday party, engagement party, wedding, or similar important life events. The cat DJ Occasion: When arranging to DJ at a party, looking for someone who can DJ, or just when you want to watch a cat DJing. F*ck the world, I am a panda Occasion: All occasions you could ever imagine. I used to use this handy resizer to get them under 500 KB: But unfortunately it looks like it might be blocked now "Error establishing a database connection." Perhaps someone else will have better luck.

There’s a growing community of women online who willy like d–k pics. I’m now 31, and I can hardly think of anything less appealing than receiving an unsolicited snapshot of someone’s naked groin on my phone. But I’m no prude, and I know that this stuff happens. I assumed most women were like me — that is, incredulous that a guy would think so highly of his member as to send out a photo of it, wanted or not. Because there’s a growing community of women online who love a d–k pic. On Reddit, there are multiple subreddits dedicated to the *ahem* art of the d–k pic.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t come of age in the time of d–k pics. There’s the private, members only (pardon the pun) r/Lady Boners Gone Wild which currently has 82,000 participants and counting. These subreddits are filled with pics from random guys — mainly young-ish (anywhere from early 20s to early 40s, it would seem), gay and straight, married and single (some men post pics of their girlfriends’ and wives’ hands wrapped around their bits, you see) — and their d–ks.

The victim's father regularly checks his daughter's Facebook page and was suspicious when he saw the messages, the report said.

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