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It's all here--everything you never even knew you wanted to know, just as Justin sees it. Scroll through Chat Room Chatter for Justin's unique and challenging perspective on questions about everything from relationships to forgiveness to understanding the opposite sex.It will really better if we can write our mind about this app. I like this app but why we can not change the link of these groups that we make in app.

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“Popcorn Buzz accommodates both personal and business usage, all for free.” (It’s not specified but for business users contemplating this service, I have a feeling that Line will not be adding a quality of service assurance on those 200-person calls.) Line — with 205 million users and a heavy concentration in its home market of Japan along with a handful of other countries in Asia — trails behind other messaging services like Whats App and Facebook Messenger in terms of size, but it has been trying to make up for it by expanding in to many different features beyond basic messaging.

Check it out and see if it changes how you see your world too.

To try and solve the problem of understanding who is talking in a large group of people, Popcorn Buzz shows a green indicator next to the person’s avatar.

Adding new callers who aren’t already in your Line contacts is simply a case of sharing a dedicated URL.

(That’s in contrast even to Line’s own voice service, Line Call, which is cheap but not free to use.

Line also offers free calls to other Line users in the main app.) The service is live now on Android globally, with an i OS app to come soon.

The app can also make calls across 3G and 4G networks, but this will obviously eat into your data plan.

Currently available for Android devices running version 4.0 and later, Line is working on an i OS app for release in the future.

Popcorn Buzz, as the app is called, is entering a crowded market for group calling services — they include dozens of conference calling businesses, along with Skype, Google, Kakao Talk and more.

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