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A recent national survey released by the CDC revealed that more Americans are identifying as bisexual than ever before.

Not only that, but more straight-identifying men are admitting to having tried gay sex.

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Researchers interviewed more than 9,000 men and women ages 18 to 44 years of age.

Of all the men interviewed, 6.2 percent of them said they had engaged in same-sex sexual activity at least once in their lifetime.

I know women like that, those who assume that because a man doesn't want them, he must be gay. " If I had he would have told me I was like those other women, most likely, even though he had not rejected me.

However, since I've got some body image baggage, I'd be more likely to think the man wanted a skinnier woman or a better looking woman or a dumber woman or a smarter woman or somebody who cares more not that he wanted another man. Perhaps there's some person out there who's studied sexual identity who would tell me I am wrong, that a straight man might consider prostituting himself to gay men if he were desperate for money, but I'm more inclined to believe a heterosexual would have a natural aversion to participating in same-sex sexual relations the same way many gay people talk about how hard it was for them to have sex with people of the opposite sex before coming out of the closet.

DOWN LOW- a secret underground organization where straight, masculine, "thug like" black men, often with wives and girlfriends secretly have unprotected sex with other black men- also known as "the DL".

maybe black guys or guys of any other race see white women as the EASIEST way to hide their sexual lust for men? Il send some links forr INTERRACIAL DATING between ww&bm..(you tell me if these guys their with DONT look gay/feminine or bisexual).white women have this thing to turn men GAY..bum is made forr something to come OUT of not ENTER INTO.making these guys think its okay. PLEASE TELL ME THESE MEN LOOK BI-SEXUAL or almost GAY? You really can't place bisexual or gay men with a color I think a high majority of men are gay or bisexual.

If a man to whom you are attracted and who seems to be attracted to you told you that years ago he considered having sex with other men in order to make ends meet, but he also said he was not gay, would you doubt him?

I confess that this happened to me in my dating days, and I decided a relationship with this person might be too complicated because he was not joking.

She talks of marriage and kids she evades like the plague. They have attractive, moderately intelligent, socially acceptable men to take around on the town to parade as a 'possible' all the while knowing there are no chances. Due to the promise of security and the sake of saving face, they stay. My take is this: There was and still is great value to that old bumper sticker anthem 'Honesty is the best policy' and the Truth Hurts ranks high as well! I think this is the worst place for anyone to exist; to allow themselves to be pushed and imprisoned by someone else's expectations.

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