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(As mentioned, you can also directly use the Xquery here instead of an expression with the earlier generated variable. This BLOG is about processing XML in PL/SQL code and process the data into the database. Converting a CLOB to XMLtype is used for example when you are reading the files from a file location into the database.

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xml Schema := xml Type(‘Put your xsd schema definition here, in text or variable) dbms_xmlschema.register Schema(schema URL, xml Schema, FALSE); END; is Schema Valid will check if the file is XMLType worthy, next .schema Validate will check it against the XSD.

The XMLTYPE datatype is part of Oracle XMLDB and was originally included in Oracle database 9.2.

If you want to be sure that the information in the file will be processed successfully and in a correct matter, you can use an XSD schema to verify the schema and contents of the XML.

The ‘Your Schema URL’ is used later on for validation.

December 13, 2001 Eric van der Vlist and Lisa Rein Updated December 2001.

This guide includes details of tools for working with the W3C XML Schema Definition Language, as well as some tools for processing alternative schema languages such as RELAX NG and Schematron.

An XML Schema is a document which describes another XML document. An XML schema itself is an XML document which contains the rules to be validated against a given XML instance document.

When we write a piece of code (a class, a function, a stored procedure, etc.) which accepts data in XML format, we need to make sure that the data that we receive follows a certain XML structure and should contain values which are coherent. Assume that you are writing a function/method for an application that manages employee data.

It is a native datatype solely used for the storage of XML data and can be used as a datatype for the declaration of variables or parameters and return values in procedures and functions in PL/SQL or as a datatype for columns in relational tables.

It is implemented as an OBJECT type and contains various member functions for operating upon the content.

(Oracle Home = 'C:\ORACLE\middleware_12.1.3') Is the local system ready for patching? (You could also use the xquery directly on the validate action).

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