Phpbb overallheader not updating Vancouver sex chat no registration

But after modifying and uploading the file nothing changes, board still displays old template.What is happening – PHPBB displays cached version of the template.

phpbb overallheader not updating-56

So I decided to use the Bootstrap framework to spice things up.

Base style: pro Silver Style Version: 2 Responsive Layout – i Pad " data-medium-file=" Post viewed in a phone " data-medium-file="

Benefits: This method does not remove Session IDs from non-logged in users (guests); allowing guests to posts.

Downside: (1) While the 'User-Agent' strings of the major Search Engine bots are known, some lesser-known bots will be missed.

This is a very simple hack to get Wikka to read from the users table of a php BB database rather than its own.

It is assuming that you have installed your Wikka into the same database as php BB and that your php BB tables are prefixed with "phpbb_" ("phpbb3_" for the v3.0 examples) and that their names have not been edited.w=300" data-large-file=" w=116" data-large-file=" Wamp Developer Pro enables professionals, average users, and businesses to rapidly create & deploy websites using Apache (web server), PHP (language), and My SQL (database).That gave me the motivation to do this with Thesis and php BB. If you are using a hosting provider like Blue Host, they have a Simple Scripts 1-click installer for php BB.While this isn’t a Thesis “theme” for php BB, it allows you to “skin” your php BB forum to give it the same header and navigation that the rest of your blog has, so that it looks like it is nicely integrated into the rest of your site. If not you can still install it as long as your hosting provider supports PHP and My SQL, but you’ll have to download php BB and install it the long way (which isn’t so bad.) I installed php BB in the directory off the root of my website.This will allow users from your php BB forum to login to your wiki with their existing username and password.

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