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You can also download them as follows: Change of name upon marriage or civil partnership: You must provide an official UK or Irish marriage or civil partnership certificate.If you were married or became a civil partner in some other country you can submit your passport, national identity card or Irish travel document as evidence to support your change in name.

Rob Miles, head of motor at Direct Line, said: ‘British motorists have a duty to update the DVLA of any change of name or address or of any medical condition that could affect their ability to drive, but it seems that many motorists simply don’t realise they are breaking the terms of their licence.’'Millions of drivers have an old name or address on their driving licence, and while this won’t affect their car insurance cover, having incorrect information on their licence puts them at risk of a large fine if their licence is ever checked by the police.

A spokesman for the DVLA, said: 'Licences expire every ten years until the age of 70.

If you hold a Queensland driver licence, you must tell the Department of Transport and Main Roads within 14 days if you change your name or address.

When you tell us that you have changed your name, address or gender, all products you have with the Department of Transport and Main Roads in your name will be updated, including your: There is no fee payable to change your name, address or gender.

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You have to supply documentary evidence of the change.

Your new licence or permit will have the same expiry date as your original licence or permit.

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You will need to bring evidence of your PPS Number and proof of address with you in order to confirm you are the person who is applying to update your driving licence or learner permit. You apply to update your licence or permit using the application form for a driving licence (D401) or a learner permit (D201), as appropriate.

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