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Changing your device’s locale to Russia, wiping all of the associated data with Canary and adding the search widget to your phone will reportedly trigger the ability to pick a new search provider, according to XDA Developers.

Should the EU determine – as Russia has now done – that Google is leveraging its dominance to get device OEMs to pre-install Google services, this new dialogue could become the standard for Chrome.

hl=en I followed scrupulously the instructions of that page, the keys in the registry are all correct, but still going to the "About Google Chrome" when the program is opened, I can see the wheel going around and a few seconds later the update is forced and done.

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Google in their notes for the update said the V8 engine is more efficient and uses less memory - so Chrome should load up Java Script-heavy pages quicker.

The Google Chrome 59 (59.0.3071.92) update also contains other performance and stability fixes.

Unfortunately this pop-up dialogue box will only be available to users in China and Russia.

However, some users have been able to access the functionality by downloading Chrome Canary – the experimental (and at times, unstable) version of the browser that gets features much faster than the standard Chrome app.

In my JS views I have semicolons instead of commas.

So I guess Grunt wouldn't convert them if it was a bad idea.

This new addition means users can change the default search engine used by the new widget – transforming the widget into a quick shortcut for any third-party engine provider.

Google will purportedly ask users to choose a default search engine for the Chrome widget when setting up a new device.

you may also delete/rename the Google in that folder.

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