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This panda cam is streamed live from the Gengda Wolond center in China.

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This is the first course in a four-part Japanese series (JAPAN 041, JAPAN 043, JAPAN 051, JAPAN 053).

Students will need access to a computer with high speed Internet access, a microphone, speakers (or headphones), and a webcam.

Oddly, 99% of a panda’s diet consists of bamboo, which is high in cellulose, therefore Pandas must consume 20 to 30 pounds of bamboo a day to maintain proper nutrition.

Viewers of the live panda cam may notice that the pandas spend most of their day eating; a typical panda spends nearly 20 hours a day eating and passes waste about 50 times a day.

Participants will learn how to transfer an image of their choosing onto a small wood block, how to carve their image out of the block using traditional Japanese tools, how to print a multi-color woodcut on Japanese paper using a tool called a baren, and how to apply the kento registration system.

Information about the culture of Japan will also be shared as a part of the process.

Giant Pandas are one of the most recognizable animals on earth due in part to their round faces, large bodies, and wooly fur with black patches around their eyes, ears, and body.

Adult pandas measure around 4 feet in length and can weigh up to 250 pounds.

You must complete the speaking appointment in each unit before you can move on to the next unit.

Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the exams are only available in a paper format.

At the end of the workshop, a print exchange will occur offering each student the opportunity to go home with a portfolio from their classmates. A materials fee of , included as a part of the registration fee, covers paper and wood block as well as access to tools, inks, and other supplies.

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