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Google is finally figuring out how to help average people deal with and wrangle their app situation.

And you don’t need to wait for the next big Android system update, either; the new look is rolling out to the Play Store right now. Why would anyone care to know the star rating for an app they’ve already installed?

Updating android apps

But without the Play Store, these APKs are never automatically updated, so your only choice has been to scour the internet for a newer version when you need a bugfix. Developer rumboalla has created a new app that will do all of the internet scouring for you, then simply give you a notification when one of your sideloaded apps has an update.

It downloads updates from APKMirror, APKPure, and even the Play Store, so you can update all of your unofficial apps in just a few simple steps.

While they’ll have the latest APKs for the most popular apps, the chances of them having APKs for obscure apps are slim.

In that case, try some other site (make sure the app is signed) or try downloading the APK directly from the Play Store on your PC.

To appreciate the improvements, you’ve got to understand where things stood before. This old way also made updating individual apps more work than it should’ve been; you had to tap into each separate app if you wanted to avoid the “update all” button. Just look at the beautiful progress we’ve made in the right screenshot. The app icons (and thus the cards for each app) are a far more sensible size.

The first image below is how this section of the Play Store looked prior to the big refresh. You can now simply tap “update” next to a specific app if it gets a cool new feature you want to try — bulk updating all the others at the same time.

If you’ve opened the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone recently, you might have noticed something different: the “My Apps” section, which is where you go to update apps or reinstall past downloads, has been redesigned with a tighter, more condensed layout that makes better use of space.

It also shows you far more useful information at a glance without requiring extra taps or switching between screens.

No idea what might be behind that specific case – but what I described with my answer was what I've experienced on all devices I've checked. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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