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Mara and Phoenix were spotted together numerous times when cameras weren’t rolling, including smoking together on the balcony of their hotel room in Matera in Southern Italy in November.

Phoenix’s rep insisted that they are “just good friends.” “They worked on [2013 film] ‘Her,’ ‘Mary Magdalene’ and [their] next movie,” his rep said.

By the early 1990s Mc Dowell had divorced and remarried again, this time to photographer Kelley Kuhr, and found himself typecast in villainous roles.

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Well, that was before the actor Ronald Reagan became president and reality TV became the norm. The Chairman of the United Corporations is played by iconic actor Malcolm Mc Dowell. Did you watch any Trump footage to get prepared for the job? They wanted me to wear this extraordinary hair piece that I thought was unbelievable. I thought we were doing a futuristic deal” or something. You narrated the documentary The Compleat Beatles and you grew up in Liverpool. The Cavern was a tiny place, a bolted room with a little raised stage at one end.

While most of our readers might best remember him as the only British person the South Park guys could find to skewer A Christmas Carol, he is also the reason you sometimes see Bart or Maggie Simpson wearing a derby and one false eyelash. It’s not a recurring symptom of the Ludovico treatment, right? It was fun and of course, there are overtones of Trump, but I didn’t base it on Trump. Did you get to see the Beatles play before they got famous? I went to see them at the Cavern when they were called the Silver Beatles. They weren’t raised that much, maybe six or nine inches off the floor. The Beatles, who had done, by then, the 10,000 hour thing. They were so tight as a band, but they weren’t yet singing their own stuff. They had played on Friday night and I went back for a few months to see them every Friday. It was terrific and I was thinking oh my God, these are the guys, you know?

Classical music luminaries will also make special appearances, including Music and Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and acclaimed conductor Gustavo Dudamel, world-renowned concert pianist Lang Lang, Grammy-winning classical pianist Emanuel Ax, New York Philharmonic Music Director and acclaimed conductor Alan Gilbert, and opera composer and conductor Anton Coppola, with violinist/conductor Joshua Bell also returning this season.

Based on the critically acclaimed memoir by Blair Tindall, ).

, the campy original dystopian science fiction satire, predicted that people in the year 2000, the future for them, the past for us, would sit glued and brainwashed by some kind of competition TV show. No, all I try and do is give 100 percent and enjoy myself. The Beano and The Dandy, in England, and The Eagle, which was a sort of up-market one for smart kids, supposedly. Going to Saturday morning pictures to see the Batman series, which was pretty bad, or Flash Gordon. Well, I don’t think anybody could see quite how far we’ve come. was a great exponent of women’s rights before it was fashionable and he was a socialist as well.

Why, in a world like that, someone could become president after having a hit TV show. Well, I don’t consider myself one, but by default I’ve become one. I try to infect everyone around me to enjoy themselves too and do what we do, which is a great privilege, and enjoy it and it makes it a lot easier. When I spoke with Roger Corman he said he gave you a specific grooming tip. That was the only one that was allowed in my school. If you look at them today, you go oh my God, they are cardboard sets, but they were really moral tales. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think he would probably be a little uncomfortable in Trump’s America. He was also fairly adaptable, so I’m sure he would find some way of getting through, like we all do.

Mc Dowell is the reason a lot of people got into films and TV in the first place. Not quite like the Ludovico treatment, no, just a boring old flu. Do you think the well-adjusted malchick Alex from Burgess’s book A Clockwork Orange could have grown up to be the chairman of the United Corporations of America? Isn’t there a certain ruthless streak in all these guys who run these companies? I asked Bill Gates, didn’t he tromp on a few people to get where he got? Of course, if you’re very successful there has to be a time in some point in your life where you have to make a decision about something which may affect somebody else in a different way. Science fiction has been wonderful to me and I’m always fascinated by science fiction, of course, going back to Clockwork Orange. Those three were the giants of science fiction right there. As I remember, it was mostly covers of Chuck Berry and all that, Little Richard and stuff. Then I noticed, one of the last times I went, they suddenly had hair cuts and the leather jackets were gone, the drainpipe trousers, the DA haircut, all gone. Obviously Brian Epstein had got hold of them and they were moving. Anyway, who would have known that they would have been so creative in terms of the writing of these incredible songs that they came up with? Of course the great influence fo George Martin and all that. I kept saying the Beatles and he wouldn’t want to know. He can only suggest, point in a direction and they eventually get there. In fact, he sang at the school, at a thing the other night, “Strawberry Fields.” I thought “oh my god, how ironic and bizarre is this?

Knowing full well that vintage macho bullshit is ratings gold, the man who turned a psychotic dictator into a romantic Valentine’s Day gift in Tinto Brass's Caligula (1979) spoke exclusively with Den of Geek on topics that veered from his despotic turn in his upcoming road rage flick. Have you ever run your car up the side of a building? So, yes, most people who are really successful have to fight their way for it. You are a science fiction icon, what do you think people take out of these dystopian movie warnings? You can say that’s science fiction, though that’s science fact now. Even things like and stuff like that, which was fun to do. It’d be fun and of course, Roger Corman, how could you say no to Roger Corman? He’s a very nice man and, actually, I got to meet him and his lovely wife at a convention in Las Vegas a few years ago. Ray passed, he’s not been gone long, but his legacy will always live on. Within the year they were the biggest band in England and I was listening to them on the radio. BBC did these live shows from Manchester that had Beatles on it. Now I see everything on his playlist is the Beatles. My 13 year old singing “Strawberry Fields.” And he doesn’t even know what he’s singing about.

Malcolm Mc Dowell: No Star Wars Without Stanley Kubrick!

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