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They had a lift lever accessed by removing a screw below the stem and with a pick you could lift up the lever and the stem would come out.Most likely it is old and needs oil or servicing and Dollar watches were not made to be serviced, however they can be serviced if someone is familiar with them. What I found in the back is a small pin (next to brass screw on left) that releases the stem when I pull on it.A properly functioning hunter case has a latch, usually made of steel, which catches on the rim of the front cover, usually made of gold or gold-plated brass, and keeps the cover closed.

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Hello, I have my grand father's Biltmore (Ingraham? It's mostly on display, it runs but I cannot pull out the stem to set the time. Thanks Buddy Buddy, The stem should pull out on this dollar type watch.

If you pry off the back cover it should have the month/year on the plates.

Many of his cases utilized an unusual figure "8" door design for which he had received a patent in 1857.

Rosewood veneered case models with names such as "Doric", "Venetian", and "Ionic" were often made in several sizes and held their popularity with the public for many years.

Elias Ingraham's son Edward Ingraham (1830-1892) succeeded his father as head of the business in 1885.

Edward had also received an important patent in 1884 for a method of applying black enamel paint (Japan) to wooden clock cases.Now I have information that will help me decide if I ever want to pursue making it a reliable time piece or not.For now the value is in the family heritage and that is good for now.Almost all of the hundreds of cards listed below offer scenes of towns, cities, and countryside in the Northeast United States, Florida, California, and other locations. There are also cards related to the military, railroads, covered bridges, ships, and more. I can email JPG previews of the cards, but please do not ask for these unless you are a serious buyer; it takes time to scan and process images and these cards are priced very low so they can find good new homes. Thanks so much Buddy I know people will hate me for saying this, the last one of these that I had that was running slowly or poorly, I did the quick wash with lighter fluid then oiled what pivots I could get to and the little sucker is a very reliable and almost accurate timekeeper.

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