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view profile Categories: Couples - Female/Male seeking Men, Couples - Female/Male seeking Women, Couples - Female/Male seeking Couples - Female/Male, Couples - Female/Male seeking Couples - Female/Female, Couples - Female/Male seeking Couples - Male/Male Happy couple of 11 years looking for a chance to dive things up, she loves the idea of having another man inside her and likes to experiment with the girl, he likes to join in too but only with the girl.

Both fit and healthy, live to love life, outdoors and beaches and forests are or favourites....

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Feeling sexy is empowering and wonderful, and while the word embodies different things to everybody, one thing is certain ― it doesn't have to mean sex.

I know, the root word is there, but sexy's informal definition is "exciting; appealing." And when you're in a relationship? Because the little sexy things long-term couples do to stay close don't always have to lead to a romp in the bedroom.

I am conservative yet a little bit quirky on the outside, I usually get my own way however can be persuaded too easily.

I like to try new things and see nothing as being black and white and after raising children this is my time for me.

" It's a great little 'community' of members with a really good balance. At Fling Finder, our priorities are a little different to the other dating sites. No fakes Most of the other - Meet Couples sites out there have a LOT of fake profiles.

Fling Finder is different - an adult dating site with integrity. Other - Meet Couples sites generally have 10 to 20 times as many men as women. We have a little experience swinging and enjoy quite a lot of the aspects of it.

Jade is gorgeous with long black hair, great body and enjoys hot girls and fit guys to play with. We have experience in soft swing 3 sums and 4 sums so anyone joining us for fun won't be disappointed.

UK is a really big place and if you had to find the perfect swingers contact on your own, you might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Amy is always sub and it is a big part of who she is, slow and sensual is just as good as a hard flogging for her as long as the lady takes control and make Amy realise she is there for others pleasure :) We are professional married couple living in Portishead. We have some cuckolding experience in past couple of years but want to expand horizons so He gets fun too.

He is bi but can be respectful of any situation and she is not sure but the environment/evening might help her find herself.

I am looking for someone who can engage my mind, body and spirit. I'm a virgin and have never seen a dick in real life, I enjoy watching porn and playing with myself...

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