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Ocean City (-10) Proximity to the gnarly “dog poop beach” cost Ocean City dearly this week. Wildwood ( 4) When you hit a trick shot, dropping 110-feet at 60 miles per hour, it’s not a two-point play.

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Let us savor these times we have with access to hot weather, rad waves and sweet cotton candy accessible to us all on the Jersey Shore.

In this week’s Jersey Shore Town Power Rankings (JSTPR), we see instances of people caring about others, both living and dead, and a person belittling others, both living and dead.

There’s a moment early in the first season that sets the tone for Tracey’s two-season long quest to lose her virginity.

She begins flirting with Connor, a man in her apartment building, which leads where all TV flirtations lead: hooking up in a bedroom during a party.

Sometimes you have characters that aren't even there – you just have to imagine them.

Are the Wachowskis as much of a force this time around? It was a guerrilla kind of shoot, all over the world, where you'd just try to stay as open and flexible as possible when on set.

Yes, we live in a crazy mixed-up world, but at the shore, serenity can be found and embraced, if only for two days of the week.

Let's see what the past week had to say about all 16 shore towns, shall we?

(No, I'm not making this up.)[twitter ][/twitter]From there, the "curtain" slowly rises with each elimination round, until the contestant gets to see the full picture of whoever's left.

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