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For example, they may yawn while being taught how to “stay” or “roll over,” but the moment you turn your back, they’ve figured out how to turn a doorknob and sneak outside.

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Further, it’s not clear if he has any other symptoms of cancer. Fatigue, Confusion, High White Blood Cell Count Nick appears to have touched upon a likely reason for his mystery illness when talking to his fellow crew members about it: an infection, possibly in his lungs.

If this were the case, he’d have very little energy (as evidenced by his actions on the show) and his white blood cell count would be high (and by the way: when a doctor tells you your white blood cell count is ten times normal limits, that is NOT an indication that you need to flee the hospital).

Their long heads, which have often been called “artistocratic,” have strong muzzles and long, hanging ears.

They have gray noses and intelligent eyes that come in light gray, bluish gray and light amber.

star Nick is afraid he has cancer, although it appears he’s unwilling to get it checked out and find out for certain.

As you can see in the clip below via the Discovery Channel, Summer Bay deck boss Nick Mc Glashan has been “operating at half speed” for some time due to an undisclosed illness.

Clearly his boss, Captain Jake Anderson, is worried. They told me that my white blood cell count is supposed to be a five to a seven, mine was in the 60’s. Like ‘Alright, I’m out.’ Pull my IV’s out and go.” So does this mean that Nick has cancer?

It’s impossible to tell, of course, absent an official diagnosis from a medical professional, combined with an official statement from either Nick himself or his bosses at the Discovery Channel.

I couldn't believe my eyes so a huge kiss was on the cards!

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