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Ely attended college in the California beach town of Santa Cruz, and is evidently an avid surfer.

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(This insulted me, but I got over it.) Second: He dumped me during a business "crisis" with a two-line e-mail! Since he lacked the scones to publicly acknowledge you, it will no doubt come as a relief when you ditch him.

Then when he tried to win me back, I stopped him cold in his tracks and left for Scotland.

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So in summary — he’s rich, handsome, and has a legit career outside of the entertainment industry.

Although it’s not known exactly when the duo met or began officially dating, Chastain first confirmed that she was off the market in 2013.

The couple had wide smiles on their faces as they spent both Saturday and Sunday in one another's company.

Whether lounging on towels, or canoodling as waves crashed around them, they had eyes only for one another.

He makes over 0,000 a year, so I was worried he'd been ripped off by some shady jewelry store. A., I found out from my jeweler that the ring was a FAKE! The next day he took me to the store and bought me a nice ring for ,700—two months' salary for a 23-year-old guy.

Getting frisky in the waves, surfing side by side, before enjoying a romantic picnic - it's clear Hilary Duff is head over heels for her new man.

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