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Most of the people knows about the so-called “Parameter Sniffing”.

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The 29 year old has spent the last ten years in the KBO and has generally been a strong performer, but he’s seemingly taken his game to the next level over the past three seasons.

He owns a .782 OPS in 1,175 career games, but has posted OPS marks of .864, .870, and .949 across 2014-16 and slugged 26 home runs in each of the last two seasons after topping 10 long balls only thrice in his first eight seasons.

Wandering what are his chances to become a candidate on the elections, he made an experiment acting as an political candidate showing interest.

In the gallery, a model of a bus station and 36 photographs are exhibited – the documents of the entire action dating from the year 2003.

The title October Re-Evaluation reminds us to a historical event of the October Revolution, which started around these days in the long since passed year of 1917 in Russia, defining by it the field Martinis deals with.

”The Eternal Fire of Rage” will be performed at the public area in Podlabin, at the so-called Pjacal under šoht (an old oil-rig), at 6 PM, serving as an introductory action of the exposition.

Things have been relatively quiet on the transaction front for the Milwaukee Brewers for awhile now, with their only action dating back to the middle of last month being the minor league signing of Cody Decker.

That doesn’t mean that Slingin’ David Stearns hasn’t been working the phones, however; the club is still searching for help on the relief market and earlier today, the club was linked to a free agent infielder. Paul Pioneer Press, the Brewers are one of four teams (along with the Tigers, Giants, and Twins) that have expressed interest in Korean import Jae-gyun Hwang.

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Bernadino goes on to state that Hwang has a four year offer to return to the KBO, but that he wants to test himself versus MLB competition.

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