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In my new town I became the modern version of a wandering yogi, in and out of one studio after another, one reason after another, in search of my daily dose of prana, sangha and asana.

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I must say, I am relieved not to be dating anymore. It wasn’t my intention to perpetuate any stereotypes about men and sex. Michelle Fajkus is a contributor with elephant journal.

To clarify, I wrote that “men (gay and straight) seem quite capable of unattached sex.” In my experience, a fair amount of men seem ready, willing, and able to have sex at my beck and call. She is a Gemini-with-Libra-rising, yoga-teaching, expat-Austinite, English-and-Spanish-speaking, mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend and mindful, perfectly imperfect human being who strives to speak and act with an open heart every day.

Not since teacher training did I pay so much attention to what my psoas was doing or why my knees wanted to lean toward my little toe.

Instead of focusing outwardly on an instructor’s verbal cues, I turned more deeply inward, listening to my own muscles, joints and breath.

It was so exciting to have a formal introduction to my pelvic floor!

It was almost as if a pelvic floor goddess had said, “Hi Brooks, here is your pelvis.” because in the time between then and now my pelvis has indeed been making herself heard.

Well, at some point it seems I cut myself off from a relationship with my own pelvis!

Three of those words are “shaman,” “goddess,” and “witch.” One of my students and mentees likes to make clothing, and is a bit of a provocateur. Witches historically are viewed as evil incarnations of women, and while the word might be making a shy reappearance in our yoga culture, “witches” are still murdered in African countries for their use of “magic.” It’s not so long ago that here in North America folks were burning witches, hanging them and drowning them.

The reason for this is that women can turn a blind eye to a conscious man as they are afraid that they may not live up to the same standards a conscious man lives to, or it may be that some women aren’t fully aware of how to recognise a conscious man when they meet one.

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