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Followill proposed to his bride-to-be with a 4-carat cushion-cut diamond he gave her at his home in Nashville. While the pair kept the news under wraps until now, on the proposal day in question, Patterson did drop a couple of hints, such as when she tweeted, "What a beautiful, wonderfully perfect day," and was spotted wearing the rock on her ring finger when the two partied it up at Coachella last month. Jared's not the only KOL member with a model for a partner.It looks like a big black barn in the Nashville hills, industrial and anonymous.

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“We were there for several days,” continues his Proustian reverie.

“It was really hot, and I never changed clothes, never showered, and I was dressed like an old woman…”The hash cookies, the siblings confirm, were even more ruinous for their bandmates, youngest brother Jared (bass, 27) and cousin Matt (guitar, 29).

If you have any interest in the game of "which pale Brit is playing the role of Taylor Swift's arm candy today?

" then you've probably already heard that Taylor is dating Joe Alwyn.

“He is gifted in the stuff he just spits out,” his elder brother Nathan, 34, acknowledges.

“His wheels are turning at all times.” “It’s the pressure,” says Caleb, 31, uncomfortably.

“I think poor Jared and Matt rode a Ferris wheel for two hours straight one time,” laughs Nathan, “not realising what they’d got themselves into.”This, of course, is classic Kings of Leon behaviour.

Tales of narcotic derring-do (or, in the case of the big-wheel-trapped Matt and Jared, derring-don’t) and hedonistic misadventure are what we’ve come to expect from the hard-partying family band from Tennessee.

He’s private and low-key.” And now that the relationship is public, the Taylor surrogate claims, “they’re on the same page on how to handle the attention." The tipster stopped just short of saying they rode unicorns over a rainbow on their first date, a la Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone.

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