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Photoreceptor proteins dynamically control many critical physiological processes in response to light across the whole phylogenetic order, including the regulation of circadian rhythms and photosynthesis.

We created a comprehensive catalog of the protein architectures and biochemical functions of a ubiquitous class of natural photoreceptors, the light–oxygen–voltage sensitive (LOV) class of flavoproteins, including Light–oxygen–voltage sensitive (LOV) flavoproteins are ubiquitous photoreceptors that mediate responses to environmental cues.

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Photosensory inputs are transduced into signaling outputs via structural rearrangements in sensor domains that consequently modulate the activity of an effector domain or multidomain clusters.

Establishing the diversity in effector function and sensor–effector topology will inform what signaling mechanisms govern light-responsive behaviors across multiple kingdoms of life and how these signals are transduced.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has already condemned, under certain conditions, advantageous rates for admission to services granted by local or decentralised State authorities only in favour of nationals and persons resident within the territory of those authorities, and which exclude from such advantages recipients who are nationals of other Member States and non-residents, as being discriminatory.[3] Article 20(2) covers, more specifically, instances where the different treatment is applied by service providers, that is, firms or professionals offering services in a market.

According to information available to the Commission, a significant number of the cases which are perceived as blunt discrimination involve preferential access to services granted to residents in a given region or municipality by the respective regional or local authorities or by operators acting under the auspices of those authorities.

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Abstract : Critical to determining vulnerability or resilience of reef corals to Ocean Acidification (OA) is a clearer understanding of the extent to which corals can control carbonate chemistry in their Extracellular Calcifying Medium (ECM) where the Ca CO3 skeleton is produced.

Here, we employ a mathematical framework to calculate ECM aragonite saturation state (Ωarag.(ECM) and carbonate system ion concentration using measurements of calcification rate, seawater characteristics (temperature, salinity and p H) and ECM p H (p H(ECM))).

Others have been able to rely on pre-existing legislation that achieves the same end (see Annex I).

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