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"I thought he was charming and obviously quite talented," Young's duet partner and "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen says of her initial meeting with him in an email to City Pages.

Only time, only time [Verse 2: Adam Young] Can you believe that the crew has gone And they wouldn't let me sign on?

All my islands have sunk in the deep And I can hardly relax or even oversleep But I feel warm with your hand in mine When we walk along the shoreline I guess we'll never know why sparrows love the snow We'll turn out all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow [Interlude: Adam Young & Breanne Duren] So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

When Owl City’s Adam Young released his debut record in 2009, he didn’t know he had a hit on his hands – he honed his songs in his parents basement in Owatonna, MN, during his off hours working at a Coca-Cola factory – but Ocean Eyes went on to become the sleeper smash of the year, topping the i Tunes Albums Download chart in its first few weeks and moving more than one million copies to date.

On May 17, Young will return with his second album, All Things Bright and Beautiful, and the 24-year-old has cut a more ambitious collection of songs this time around.

AY: Not so much because we emailed back and forth just to say how you doing, nothing crazy serious. He's obviously a great guy, it's all good.

Maybe I was a little heart broken but not too much. AY: I was hoping to work with her on this new record. I've really only had eyes for her in the industry. I've been off the road since last October so I'm getting the itch to get back out.

“I wanted to move forward, play around with ideas, and just do something more mysterious or unexpected,” he says.

“You can only sing about love so much before you start to get annoyed with it.” Things are looking up for Young, too: He recently moved out of his parents’ house into his own place a few blocks away, where he built a new studio to record much of the album.

I had this great song that I was dying to have her voice in so I tried to get it on there but she was in Europe or Australia somewhere, very busy which I totally get having been on this wild roller coaster myself for the past two years. US: What else can we expect coming up from you now that the album is finally here? Were on the road from June until December more or less so it'll be a long haul.

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