Cathy nguyen dating phil

The score is public for all to see, and affects various aspects of daily life.

Save time shopping by having a look through old photos and decide on a colour and style that suits you.

Take your mum or best friend with you when trying on gowns so you can get an honest opinion.

Map out the shops that sell formal attire and target those shops to save you time.

Once you have picked the perfect dress you can then buy shoes and accessories to match.

After all the hard work and study, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of exams and, for Year 12 students the end of school, than with a formal where you and your classmates get to dress up and have a night of fun.

On such a special night, everyone wants to look and feel their best, so finding the perfect outfit, accessories and hairstyle is so important.

Wesley Chan and Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions make a cameo in the movie.

Wes is seen sitting at a desk (time stamp ) as Haley is studying then talking over the phone with Seth.

He knows he’ll meet skeptics who still think something happened at that party.

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