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The new generation are comprised of the sons and daughters of old heroes and villains. There are also those trying to create powers suddenly, illegally. Meanwhile the heart of the story is about Bob Parr and his family again.

Its been years since they defeated syndrome and became a family of heroes.

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As a dating coach for women over 40, I started wondering…is that how you feel about dating? A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Your commitment to having a romantic partner to share your life with. Batman may be 75 today, but don’t wait until you are 75 to look back with regret about what could have been. Stop denying yourself out of a lack of belief or a few bad experiences.

I understand and I’ve been in your shoes back when I was dating and met 30 men in 15 months to find the man who is now my husband. But I do want to let you know looking for love is WORTH IT! So, I refused to sink back into the complete lack of action I had lived through. I was going for it- to find the love I deserved no matter what. Your life is fine just the way it is – and that is true. But my bet is if you think this way, you don’t really BELIEVE you will find the right man. Right now you are in the heat of summer – the best time of year to meet new men and mingle. I felt a shift immediately and was very pleased by that.” –Ruby, IN As soon as she made the commitment to work on this by registering for my group coaching program, she saw the difference.

They are all recognized for their accolades in their respective fields, winning awards locally and globally. Those comic books and graphic novels you are reading?

Some of them are proudly made by Filipino illustrators!

Today has officially been named Batman Day – the 75th Anniversary of the beloved DC Comic hero. Many women find it painful to mingle with men or can’t even take that step for fear of being hurt again or rejected. I had already been shut down for 18 years after the painful breakup with my college boyfriend. In fact, the longer you wait, the harder forward movement towards the outcome you want – FINDING LOVE – will be. I was at Starbucks and spoke to the man next to me picking up his coffee at the same time. I noticed the men walking by me on the sidewalk as I returned to the office.

Every time you meet and are disappointed by a new man, you get the Kabam Zap and then retreat back into your safe and single bat cave? But don’t tarry too long because a lack of action can become a new habit quickly. It takes a tremendous force to get out of the resting phase. I just started round 2 of my program “After I registered, I found myself more aware of the men around me. Incredibles 2: Incredibles 1 was about the father, Bob Parr, who was a superhero and misses his glory days so much he almost missed being a father and husband.It was also about superheroes who were forced into retirement, and hiding your specialness to be average like everyone else.Eating your way through Thanksgiving is an artform.Some would even go as far to say that it’s a battle; from the appetizers, to the first course, the main course, the sides, and all the way to the desserts, you’ve got to prepare yourself for a food fight of sorts.We gathered these "superhero" illustrators to give you an idea how Filipinos are owning it in comic book culture! He is one of the first Filipinos in the comic book industry, having worked with Marvel and DC comics in the early 70s.

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