Var log cron not updating

IBM Web Sphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.5.The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.5 with the most recent fix at the top.Update to Winstone 3.2 to support ad-hoc certificate generation on Java 8 (using unsupported APIs).

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Webmin users and groups can now be stored in a My SQL, Postgre SQL or LDAP database, instead of local files.

This includes all permissions, settings and module grants.

thread ID=921004&tstart=0 In this post I want to show you how to truncate listener log file and free some disk space doing that.

You could stop listener service process, move or remove file and start service again.

When a security vulnerability is discovered, the details of the exploitable code are published on the Internet.

Hackers can immediately write bots to automatically crawl the web and exploit these vulnerabilities.A user crontab has a different format, which doesn't include the username field, since it runs as the user who submitted it.The My SQL, Postgre SQL, Filesystem Backup and Backup Configuration Files modules now all support the use of Webmin variable substitutions in backup paths (like $HOSTNAME) via a new Module Config option.This allows the user database to be much larger, and to be shared between multiple systems.The LDAP Server module can now be used to select which protocols slapd will accept, such as SSL and non-SSL.This may result in errors on startup if your instance has an invalid plugin configuration., check the Jenkins log for details. (issue 18435) Remove the historical initialization of CVS changelog parser for jobs without explicit SCM definition. This change may potentially cause a regression if a Jenkins plugin depends on this default behavior and injects changelogs without SCM.

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