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and 0,000 from the Conservation Trust Fund, which is lottery funds, to make up the deficit,” Black said.

The new project will include the installation of a large playground site with two different sets of equipment, one for children 5 and younger and another for children 5-12.

HOUSTON—Pointing to the group’s radically divergent behaviors and customs, employees at local software firm Pendant Systems confirmed Friday that a strange new culture appears to be forming among their coworkers at the other end of the office.

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Expect Macias’ all-out court-side exuberance for her man — and, of course, the Spurs in general — to get some national exposure during upcoming telecasts of the playoffs.

The quartet, who became famous via the MTV show that centered on their zany bucket list exploits, were getting ready for an appearance at Georgia’s Kennesaw State University, and noticed that their Twitter feeds were getting numerous tweets with the hash mark #Save Richard.

PASADENA, CA­—Nearly a year after Curiosity’s triumphant Mars landing, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced today that the NASA rover is preparing to explore a large structure six kilometers south of the Gale Crater, which...

RICHMOND, VA—After applying several spritzes of cologne to his freshly shaven face, 87-year-old World War II veteran Roger Sarlo confidently left his home Thursday to go reel in some top-shelf D-Day anniversary pussy, the grandfather of five confirm...

Oklahoma health care leaders say lives could very well be hanging in the balance after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled against a cigarette price hike that was passed in the final hours of last legislative session.

Taylor Swift enters an alternate universe to date a body building George Harrison, a study finds that 83 percent of gamblers quit right before they would have hit the big one, and an Asian guy has a separate group of Asian friends.

Jerrell Black, Englewood’s director of Parks and Recreation, said there are a lot of construction projects going on in the Denver metro area this summer, and companies couldn’t fit the project into their schedule.

“What we’ve done is we’ve pulled some additional funds out of the Arapahoe County Open Space shareback money we receive each year …

Several windows in an office building in the 600 block of Cherry Street appeared to be cracked from the impact of the first blast.

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